Bericht, Anzeiger für Harlingerland, vom 06.01.2017

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Weihnachtsgrüße aus Ostafrika!

Von Aline, aus Ruanda:
24.12.16, Aline Ruanda: Hi, we are doing fine. Aline was at the hospital this afternoon to take drop and doctor John told her her eye is ok and she is able to see better now than her right eye. Glory be to God. Thanks for all sponsors and all friends for your daily prayers. Always remember to pray for each ones. We are one team , one family. I miss you all. Merry Christmas🎁🎄 happy new year🎈🎊.

Aus Kenia: Thank you very much Klaus and cornea group for the help you gave to us. We really appreciate it and pray that God will provide you with more resources so that you can help even more people 2017. Merry Christmas and prosperous new year.

Aus Ruanda:

Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you and your family and our condoleances to the German community for the attack in Berlin. 

We are very grateful to the Ambassador and his wife for this wonderful gift of sight. 

We have a long waiting list and we shall choose the best beneficiaries and we shall let you know the details. 

Best regards!



Augenhornhaut-Transplantation am 11. November 2016 in Kigali, Ruanda

06.12.16, 15:29:08: Von Aline’s  Pflege-Eltern aus Ruanda. Gesendet über WhatsApp :


With joy and smiles I would like to give you Aline greetings. She is doing good and so thankful. All other orphans from my home send a thank you message. We re so happy and we are rejoicing for this miracle help from donors who gave Aline hope to recover her sights again. Aline and all the family members we are praying for you. Please say thank you very much to the family who sponsored Aline. Every morning she says a prayer for you.

This afternoon Aline and my wife went to see doctor John for checkup and to get her medicine. It’s her appointment day.

I will send you her picture when she is back.

Once again thank you.

We are praying for you.

God bless you more and more.